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Size Options

1250: Small – DIA 36″ H 17.625″ | 42 lbs aluminum
1251: Medium – DIA 63″ H 29.625″ | 61 lbs aluminum
1252: Large – DIA 36″ H 50″ | 134 lbs aluminum

All products can be custom built to suit specific needs. Please contact our sales team to discuss your customization needs.

Adjustable Feet


Surface Mounts

Drainage Fittings

Irrigation Sleeves

Drip Tray


Design Options
Adjustable Feet

Commercial grade stainless steel adjustable feet fastened onto container in order to level container on uneven surfaces. Rated at 2,000 lbs. per foot.


Casters are mechanically fastened to a recessed bottom creating a 1/2″ -3/4″ reveal between the deck and the bottom edge of the container.

Surface Mounts

Hardware to blindly secure product to the deck surface.

Drainage Fittings

1″ pipe nipple or elbow is welded into the container in order to direct water away from deck surface, eliminating tea staining and standing water.

Irrigation Sleeves

1″ sleeve is welded into the interior of the container in order to hide the irrigation line and simplify installation and maintenance of the irrigation system.

Drip Tray

Drip tray is sized to match the containers footprint. 1/2″ Gap between the tray and the container creates a nice shadow reveal. Made of aluminum and powder coated to match. Must be requested with initial order.


All products can be custom built to suit specific needs. Contact our project management department for options.

Finish Options

Powder Coat


Charcoal Grey

Hammered Bronze

Hammered Silver

Metallic Silver

Powder Coat Rust


Satin White

Natural Patina

Natural Rust Patina

Oxidized Zinc Patina