FŭSE Retention Edging


1   Size Options

2   Design Options

3   Finish Options


Size Options

A perimeter or island edging solution that not only divides materials but can also retain soil at varying depths to create raised planting beds. Can be right angle, curvilinear and the vertical wall height can vary along a run.

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Fire Pit Lid

Vertical Post

Anchored Retention Edging

Design Options
Fire Pit Lid

A flush mounted lid with a retractable handle, this option creates additional surface area and provides protection from rain and snow. The fire pit lid is included with all electronic ignition fire pits and is available as an option for most of our fire pit designs.

Vertical Post

A clean seamless connection with a repeating vertical post pattern

Anchored Retention Edging

Finish Options

Powder Coat


Charcoal Grey

Hammered Bronze

Hammered Silver

Metallic Silver

Powder Coat Rust

Satin White


Natural Patina

Natural Rust Patina

Oxidized Zinc Patina


Finish Based On Project Specs